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About Us

Evergreen Landcare has a rich history and exciting future offering a comprehensive array of landscape services. Founded on a family tradition of service, Evergreen Landcare is driven by a passion to exceed customer expectations, and deliver award winning services to the commercial market.


The Road To Today… Evergreen Landcare began in the early 80’s as a full service landscape company in Los Angeles, California .  Over the years, as the has company grown to serve areas spanning from the San Fernando Valley to Orange County, we have remained true to our vision of providing the same high quality service to our clients.

The secret to our success; however is a profound commitment to our employees.  Each Evergreen Landcare employee undergoes extensive training and is awarded for excellent performance and teamwork.

Our goal for the upcoming year is to continue to focus on enhancing and streamlining services to our clients, while staying true to our mission and commitment to our employees.

5654 B West Pico Blvd,
Los Angeles,
California 90019

Fax: (323) 300-5096

Fax: (323) 300-5096

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