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What is there in Fall?

Fall is the transition period from summer into winter. Which means cooler temperatures than the summer and warmer weather than the winter. There are flowers perfect for this type of weather. It is also the perfect time to for tree trimming* to prepare the heavy winds that SoCal faces throughout the autumn and winter season.

Autumn Flowers

Autumn is the season where many perennials start to bloom until they meet the cold winter. However they will make their reappearance until late winter. Make sure that you plant these autumn flowers early to make sure they settle their roots within the environment before the winter and heavy winds come.


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Tree Care is especially important during the autumn season. Lack of tree care can cause the trees to fall over on top of your property causing damage and costly repairs. With our tree trimming* services you can rest easy that your tree is well prepared for the heavy winds that are to come from the autumn season. 

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