COVID-19 Health and Safety Update

Evergreen Landcare is following the health and safety measures issued from the CDC and the LA County Department of Health.

Evergreen Landcare is monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak closely. During this difficult time, Evergreen Landcare remains committed to the health and safety of its team members and valued clients. In response to these events we have made significant changes to operations across all of services, following and often exceeding the recommendations of public health authorities. We are committed to helping keep essential services open and best caring for our customers’ landscape and property.

All landscapers are required to frequently wash their hands and use sanitizers. In order to limit the potential spread of the virus, we have asked all landscapers to refrain from shaking hands with our customers and to maintain a respectful distance with our clients, coworkers, and the general public. If you have any questions about your service, please refrain from asking our crew members and instead contact our office immediately at (323) 300-5086 or at

Most importantly, we’ve asked all our employees to stay home if they are showing any cold or flu symptoms. Our goal is to successfully service your landscape, and if we work safely together, we can accomplish this.

All employees are equipped with:

  • Disinfectant to clean common surfaces safely and effectively. (Including: gardening tools, equipment, vehicles, and etc.)
  • Gloves to reduce the spread of any germs.

Social distancing is a safe practice for everyone. Communication in person should be no closer than 6 feet.

To learn more about the COVID-19 outbreak, click the link from the CDC below:

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Fax: (323) 300-5096

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