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What should you have during the summer?

With summer comes the summer heat. Summer may be hot but there is always room for plants to grow and be a part of your landscape. There is a wide variety of flowers and plants to choose from within our gallery. Just make sure that you have the proper irrigation system for your landscape as well so that they can thrive.

Fertilizer Lawn Care

Fertilizer Land Care is an essential part of a beautiful landscape. They give vital nutrients to roses, flowers, and lawn for them to grow. They can also prevent weeds such as clovers, dandelions, and chickweeds from taking over your lawn.

We highly recommend applying Weed and Feed to lawns to clear the unwanted look of weeds on your property. If you’d like to know more about our fertilizer application service, please click the button below!

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Summer Flowers are a great way to boost the look of your landscape. Similarly to spring, summer flowers have great variety of color which gives a better personality to your landscape leaving onlookers mesmerized.

Sometimes the summer season can be a bit dry which is why there are drought tolerant options that can save water while making your landscape look great. 

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Summer Flowers

Water Management

Irrigation Systems are vital to any landscape as they provide the necessary water for your plants to survive. Water management is especially important during the summer heat as it can strain your plants growth .

Evergreen Landcare offers services to check your irrigation system to ensure that the amount of water is perfect for your landscape.

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