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What're some things in winter?

With winter comes the chilly sweater-weather. Some may believe that there are no flowers and plants that can survive this cold elements of winter, but there a few plants that love this chilly weather. If plants are not your thing, there are also decorations which can boost the look of your property.

Winter Flowers are a great way to boost the look of your landscape. Unlike all the other seasons, Winter tends to be pretty chilly which can be rough to some of the flowers. However, there are some flowers that love the cold weather and will blossom during this season. Some of these flowers are chrysanthemums, roses,  vinca major, and many more.

You can be sure that these flowers will thrive off the chilly weather and make your property looking like a winter wonderland.

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Winter Flowers

Decorative Exterior

Decorative Exteriors are a nice way of showcasing your landscape to the public and definitely catch some attention. With some pretty eye-catching flowers, it will make your property stand out from all the rest of them.

Evergreen Landcare offers services to install some new plants onto your property for the winter season.

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